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[asciidoc-lang-dev] Extension hooks in Asciidoc

Hi, all,

First, some background (I must tell you this bit so the rest might make sense): The Spring Framework is really more than 50 different projects. Almost all of those projects use Asciidoc (and Asciidoctor). We have gotten into the all-too-common state of different projects doing very similar things in different (or even the same but copied) way.s To that end, we have started a project to provide one source for the features we want (code folding, tabbed content, copy-to-clipboard, dark mode, and others). Here's that project:

I mention it here to point out the kinds of things that people try to do. I do not expect the Asciidoc WG or any implementation to do these things for us. However, I would like us to think about any "hooks" we can put in the spec and the resulting implementations to make implementing these kinds of features easier.



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