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Re: [asciidoc-lang-dev] Markup for nested blocks

> Sylvain wrote:
So, when a parser encounters some metadata before a delimiter, it should
(must?) assume this is the start of a new block. But consider the
following example:


Admittedly, this is getting into some strange corners of AsciiDoc, but you're missing the actual explanation in your disambiguation scenarios (though it's a mix of the first and last one). If the AsciiDoc processor encounters an orphaned block attribute line at the bottom of a document, it just ignores it. Likewise, if it finds one at the bottom of a delimited block, it also ignores it there too. In order words, if an orphaned block attribute line or block anchor is found at the bottom of a leaf (meaning no more content at that nesting level), those lines of metadata are simply ignored.

So what the processor is seeing inside the first example block is:


Try that in a document by itself and you'll see what happens.

In essence, you're correct that the bottom of a leaf (which you could think of as "before a block closing delimiter") is not a valid location for block metadata.

So Asciidoctor's output is correct in this case.

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