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Re: [asciidoc-lang-dev] Whitespace handling

Wow, that is disappointing to hear you were harassed about having an opinion about something Dan. 
The community can do better than this.

I wasn't aware that the term "white space" had negative connotations.
There is definitely something there though so +1 to leading the way with this.
Something to add to the AsciiDoc Tone and Style guide I think.

Jared Morgan
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On Fri, 5 Mar 2021 at 20:05, Dan Allen <dan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sat, Feb 27, 2021 at 4:05 AM Dan Allen <dan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

p.s. I ask that you use the term "spaces" rather than "whitespace". The color specifier serves no purpose and isn't relevant anyway for people who use a dark theme.

I'd like to point out that some observers of this list have both ridiculed and harassed me (outside of this list) for raising this concern. I was making a sincere attempt to be inclusive and to make an effort to choose our language thoughtfully and carefully. Just because I bring a request to the floor doesn't mean I'm right, nor does it imply I think I know better than someone else. If my objection is misguided or ineffective, I'm perfectly willing to reevaluate it (hopefully having learned something). That's why we discuss things. We're here to think critically and to learn from each other in the open. Mistakes will be made.

You can point out holes in my (or anyone else's) logic by presenting a well-reasoned argument. And you may turn out to be right. But there's absolutely no excuse to act unprofessionally. Doing that is grounds for being dismissed from this project. It simply won't be tolerated. Appropriate conduct is defined by the Eclipse Code of Conduct (, to which this project adheres.

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