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[apoapsis-dev] Reminder to vote on the Committer Election for Jyrki Keisala on Eclipse Apoapsis

Voting will close tomorrow for the Committer election of Jyrki Keisala on
project Eclipse Apoapsis (technology.apoapsis).


Jyrki Keisala recently started contributing to the ORT Server project in
Eclipse Apoapsis and has already made an impact on the project.

He has authored 15 pull requests which got merged, working on the eagerly
anticipated web frontend for the ORT Server.

Some examples are:
- Add UI for product, repositories, and ORT runs:
- Allow report downloads in the web frontend:
- Use Prettier to format ui code:

For the full list of contributions see:

Jyrki has created several issues addressing API issues discovered while
working on the web frontend, and giving an outlook on upcoming features:

It is my pleasure to nominate Jyrki Keisala as a committer on Eclipse

Eclipse Apoapsis project committers can click the election link below to



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