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[aperi-news] RE: [aperi-dev] Aperi News

Hi Paul,
Sorry for the confusion.  The SAN Simulator build is not considered an
Eclipse "Release" -  just a milestone build on the way to it's first
Release.  Aperi has never done a "release" for either the SRM framework or
the SAN Simulator.

IBM has been the only contributor to the SAN Simulator project up to this
point and the group that provided that code is no longer staffing
additional contributions.

Once Aperi is archived, the code tar'd and archived and future
contributions are suspended.  The forums, wiki's, and newsgroups, etc. are
shutdown. You should be able to continue using the SAN Simulator but
support through Aperi would not be available.

I hope this helps.


Allen R. Heitman
Tivoli Storage Project Manager and Aperi Project Lead
IBM Corporation
3605 Hwy 52 North
Rochester, Minnesota 55901

Office Phone: 507-253-2405
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Mobile Phone: 507-269-0455
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I'm a bit confused about the state of the SAN Simulator.  It sounds like
a new release is available and the project is being mothballed (though
I'm not familiar with Eclipse-speak and the implication of being
archived). What are the options for continuing work on the simulator?  I
don't know for sure yet, but a group I'm working with may be interested
in using and fixing the simulator.

Thanks, Paul

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> Hi Folks,
> I have some good news and some sad news.  First, The good news.  I'm
> proud
> to announce a new milestone build of the SAN Simulator called
> 0.2
> build.  I want to thank Ramani from IBM Almaden Research Center for
> leading
> this effort as well as Shripad, Pallavi and Amit from the IBM Pune lab
> in
> India for authoring the enhancements.  I'd also like to thank Chris
> from
> IBM Austin,  for the work on the installation guide, users guide, user
> notes and the website updates.  I'd also like to thank everyone else
> who
> contributed to this effort including the work to build and post,
> website
> updates, authoring/submitting/approving the CQ's, etc.  This was a
> great
> cross team effort that spanned the globe to get this next milestone
> complete.
> Following is a list of the new features implemented in SAN Simulator
> milestone 0.2 build:
> 1. Extrinsic Method Support
>       IBM DS6000 and DS8000 v5.1 CIM Agent
>       (CreateSetting, CreateOrModifyElementFromStoragePool,
> CreateOrModifyStoragePool, DeleteStoragePool, ReturnToStoragePool
>       GetSupportedSizeRange, GetSupportedSizes)
>       IBM DS6000 and IBM DS8000 v5.2 CIM Agent
>       (CreateSetting, CreateOrModifyElementFromStoragePool,
> CreateOrModifyStoragePool, ReturnToStoragePool, GetSupportedSizeRange
>       GetSupportedSizes, HidePaths, ExposePaths,
> CreateStorageHardwareID,
> DeleteStorageHardwareID)
> 2. SAN Simulator Repository Support ( IBM DB2 UDB or Apache Derby)
> 3. Remote Repository Support (SAN Simulator database repository can
> reside
> on the same or different server as that of SAN Simulator)
> 4. Updated Installation Wizard
> Now for the sad news.  It is with great sadness that I have to say
> has decided not to staff the Aperi project for 2009.
> The original goal of Aperi was to build a diverse community of
> committers
> to help share the burden of the "framework" in order to free up
> resources
> in all member companies to expand on the higher level functionality.
> Over
> the years, we have not been able to build up this diverse community
> despite
> many efforts.  The interest just wasn't there.
> In 2008, we focused on interoperability and created a workgroup to
> drive it.  We made some great progress under the technical leadership
> of
> Martine Wedlake.  The workgroup defined and proposed a standard for
> Launch
> in Context.  This was presented to SNIA and a LIC standard has taken
> a
> life of it's own over there.  That work will continue.  I look forward
> to
> one day seeing the fruits of that effort in products giving the
> administrators a seamless navigation using applications from multiple
> vendors to accomplish their tasks.  This is a great effort to help
> integrate the storage industry for the benefit of our customers.
> Perhaps
> we will see some open source reference implementations available!
> Martine also led an Aperi workgroup to provide real-world feedback to
> SNIA's PRTF.  The Aperi workgroup provided some great suggestions on
> how to
> improved the SMIS standards and address some real customer pain
> I
> look forward to seeing those efforts improve the standards and
> compliance
> testing in years to come.
> Currently, the Aperi project has been an Incubation project under the
> Eclipse Technology Project for several years.  Incubation is a phase
> and
> not a place.  Since IBM is the only company providing active
> for
> over the last year, I propose that we move the project from Incubation
> phase to the Archived state.  I am preparing a deck for this review.
> While I understand the business decision, I will miss working on this
> project and leading such a talented group of folks.
> Kind Regards,
> --Al
> Allen R. Heitman
> Tivoli Storage Project Manager and Aperi Project Lead
> IBM Corporation
> 3605 Hwy 52 North
> Rochester, Minnesota 55901
> Office Phone: 507-253-2405
> Tie Line: 553-2405
> Home Office: 507-367-4351
> Mobile Phone: 507-269-0455
> e-mail: aheitman@xxxxxxxxxx
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