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Re: [albireo-dev] Updated RelayoutExampleView

Gordon Hirsch wrote:
> > The fix is to generalize inhibitSizePropagationToAWT as follows.
> If we have two separate SWT shells with embedded AWT components, then 
> won't the static counter cause resizing in one window to interfere with 
> resizing in the other?

I don't see how this could happen. The inhibit decision is based on
The former is only set while the resizing Runnable executes. The latter
is a local field of the particular SwingControl.

When windows are resized in two different Shells (or even in two different
Displays), the 'currentAWTTime' will be incremented more often. But for the
decision it makes no difference
    lastValidatedAWTTime - onBehalfAWTTime.intValue()
is -1, -2, -3, or less.


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