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Re: [ajdt-dev] [aspectj-dev] Legal requirement question

I wouldn't take a modified jar. I would take a simple patch attached to an issue if you have signed the Eclipse contributors agreement (and it looks like you have on the bugzilla). However, I won't change HashMap to WeakHashMap as there are reasons why it is a weakhashmap. I'd rather get to the root of the problem but i know recreation steps when that data structure is involved are challenging.The discussion reminded me of which was a very cryptic issue that eventually got fixed by the community and was related to the management of the type maps. But I guess if you have seen your problem on 1.9.6 then that isn't the fix you needed.

Being pragmatic, given the complexity around a testcase, I *might* take a patch that switched the choice of map based on a property, since you don't seem to mind it not being a weakhashmap in your setup. Then you could set it but by default everyone else would get a WeakHashMap.


On Tue, 18 May 2021 at 03:43, Szalkai, Gabor via aspectj-dev <aspectj-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:



I would like to enquiry about legal requirements like whether it is enough to send you the modified jar here on the bug ticket?


Attachment can be found in



If it is inevitable to do changes here, then I only have to push my changes to branch to be legally ok?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards,

Gabor Szalkai

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