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[agail-dev] AGILE release v0.4.2

Dear All,

We are happy to announce our new release: v0.4.2. Among other changes, the new release includes encryption support in the local data store, Dropbox support in the export data to cloud functionality, fixes to device write functionality, and an updated protocol manager with better protocol adapter registration workflow. The UI was also refined and updated with encryption support, graph resizing optimisations, and support for automated UI testing. Finally, most component licenses have been updated to the industry friendly open source Eclipse Public License version 2.0.

For a detailed changelog, see the list below, or the changelogs of individual components.

    * dev/agile-api-generator b54a3f2...20b88da (1):
      * update license in template to EPL-2.0

    * dev/agile-api-spec e1ca67b...7a218e2 (3):
      * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fix-device-write'
      * Merge branch 'fix-device-write' of into fix-device-write
      * Device Write
      * update license string to EPL-2.0
      * Merge pull request #22 from Agile-IoT/fix-device-write
      * Merge branch 'master' into fix-device-write
      * Fixed device write API

    * dev/agile-dbus-java-interface 4a54e73...6f42cd4 (3):
      * fail fast in case of error
      * update LMLIB to 0.8.1
      * remove old license headers

    * dev/agile-sdk 609e9d8...737f3d4 (1):
      * Merge pull request #54 from Agile-IoT/add-cloud-endpoints
      * Fixed linting issues.
      * Mark function arguments as required as opposed to optional.
      * Updated API documentation.
      * Documented the new methods.
      * MVP Endpoints for cloud integration.

    * modules/agile-core 028afda...bddef66 (14):
      * v0.2.22
      * Merge pull request #86 from Agile-IoT/devicefactory
      * Added support for more device factories.
      * v0.2.21
      * Merge branch 'devicebuild'
      * DeviceFactory: fix link to dependencies
      * Merge pull request #99 from dpap/websocketBug
      * fix jetty websocket close bug
      * Merge pull request #95 from Agile-IoT/Exulansis-patch-1
      * Fix typo
      * Merge pull request #91 from gabiSRC/master
      * Add DALI device based on agile-oneM2M protocol
      * v0.2.20
      * fixing build
      * removing old license headers
      * v0.2.19
      * Merge pull request #79 from Agile-IoT/fix-device-write
      * v0.2.18
      * Merge pull request #84 from dpap/protocolManagerFix1
      * fix protocolManager add/remove protocols
      * Merge branch 'master' of
      * fix devicefactory plugin loading
      * Device write fixed.

    * modules/agile-data b5ca90d...f45bdb3 (4):
      * v0.2.1
      * Merge pull request #44 from Agile-IoT/fix-fetch-dependency
      * Fix missing isomorphic-fetch dependency
      * v0.2.0
      * Merge pull request #42 from Agile-IoT/feature-dropbox
      * Timeout increase on test to prevent travis failing
      * Add dropbox support to export data to cloud functionality

    * modules/agile-kura 0abd8a7...02507ff (1):
      * Merge pull request #9 from MMaiero/enh_rest-projects
      * First drop for the rest bundles.

    * modules/agile-recommender 8df05ea...a12e42c (2):
      * v0.3.8
      * Merge branch 'epl-cleanup'
      * removing eclipse project settings
      * removing useless files

    * modules/agile-security 4291266...fbd2ac5 (2):
      * v3.8.0
      * Oauth2 Password Grant (#18)

    * modules/gui/agile-nodered 62f9691...19ce068 (10):
      * v0.4.3
      * bumping version for PRISMACLOUD secure sharing
      * Merge pull request #23 for PRISMACLOUD secure sharing
      * v0.4.2
      * adding updated thingspeak node
      * v0.4.1
      * adding AGILE device write node
      * v0.4.0
      * introducing multi-stage build
      * v0.3.3
      * update error handling
      * documentation of secret-sharing node
      * fix typo
      * add secret sharing node

    * modules/gui/agile-osjs 3df5a2d...4b3a912 (3):
      * v0.4.1
      * update some submodules to EPL 2.0

    * modules/protocol/agile-ble ad0f35d...e1d0fcb (9):
      * v0.1.15
      * Merge branch 'register'
      * v0.1.14
      * Merge branch 'generic-device'
      * updating DBus Java interface  patch Change-type: Signed-off-by: Csaba Kiraly <csaba.kiraly@xxxxxxxxx>
      * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/generic-device'
      * v0.1.13
      * register self in ProtocolManager
      * switching to install Bluez from Debian stable repo
      * Merge pull request #11 from Agile-IoT/fix-bluez-install
      * Generic Device
      * switching to install Bluez from Debian stable repo
      * v0.1.12
      * removing old license headers

    * modules/protocol/agile-dummy 4601a3c...a41de39 (5):
      * v0.3.3
      * adding qdbus to the deplyed image
      * register self in ProtocolManager
      * v0.3.2
      * removing old lincese headers

    * modules/protocol/agile-makers-shield-software cd5a95a...3cc165b (5):
      * v0.1.1
      * upgrade pip to fix dependency installation issues
      * Dockerfile: use buildpack-deps image and install python
      * Dockerfile: add install prerequisites
      * fixing baseimage


Csaba Kiraly, PhD
OpenIoT Research Area - Senior Researcher
H2020 AGILE IoT Technical/Scientific Coordinator

Via alla Cascata 56/D - 38123 Trento (Italy)

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