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[agail-dev] Question regarding LwM2M support and wrong Overview Presentation link

Hi everyone, 

We are in the process of reviewing the Guide for Applicants for the 2nd Agile IoT Open Call but we could not find any information regarding currently-supported IoT standards. We've found only a reference to AllJoyn and oneM2M in As per the Guide for Applicants, we are thinking of expanding the Agile platform while also contributing with a different use case, clearly identifying the outcomes of such developed product (using current Agile modules combined with the newly integrated IoT standard). However, we can not really understand if LwM2M is already supported. 

Also, in the open call's dedicated page, under the Call Material section, both manual and presentation items are linking to the same file (Guide for Applicants). It would be of great value to have access to the Overview Presentation. 

Thank you all very much. 

Best regards,

Pedro DiogoUbiwhere

Pedro Diogo

Software Engineer | (+351) 912490912

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