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Re: [agail-dev] gateways for agile IOT use

Carlos, ccing Serena on this mail, she is from the company that is looking.




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What are the capabilities that was looking on the Gateway? Discovering, Configuration, Routing, Virtualization, Automation, Instrumentation, Monitoring, Managment, and so one. Based on that can do a better suggestion


Best Regards

Carlos Arturo Quiroga


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Subject: [agail-dev] gateways for agile IOT use
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Project holonix is searching to choose and buy gateways to develop AgriAware proposal of Agile open call.


Who in the consortium can indicate them which gateways to suggest or the website on which they could find them?


Contact info:

Serena Albertario

Holonix s.r.l.

e-mail : serena.albertario@xxxxxxxxxx





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