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[adoptium-pmc] Adding committers to the Temurin Compliance project

Greetings Adoptium PMC.

We had previously set up a special arrangement by which the PMC would, instead of the project committers, nominate and vote on the addition of new committers to the Temurin Compliance project. My expectation from that arrangement was that this nomination and voting process would be transparent.

Every few weeks, we get a request to add a new committer, but are not provided with any evidence that such a vote has occurred. When I've asked, I have been assured that the vote did indeed occur, but in a private PMC channel.

I understand that the Temurin Compliance project is special and that the project is -- for very good reasons -- effectively excused from conforming to the fundamental principles of openness, transparency, and meritocracy that guide the operation of all of our open source projects.

To the best of my understanding, however, there is no reason why committer elections for Temurin Compliance should not be transparent. In this regard, I must insist that committer elections be conducted in a transparent and durable forum. My preference is that this PMC mailing list be used for this activity.

When the results of an election are known, a member of the PMC needs to send a note to emo@xxxxxxxxxxx to request that we appoint the nominee as a committer (along with a pointer to the record of the election). After the nominee has been appointed as a committer, you can then use the help desk to request help with account configuration issues.

I will also remind the PMC that the Eclipse Foundation Development Process does not provide for private project channels. We make exceptions for matters of security and vulnerability tracking and, again, matters related specifically to the special nature of the Temurin Compliance project. All other discussions must use transparent channels.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.


Wayne Beaton

Director of Open Source Projects | Eclipse Foundation

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