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[adoptium-pmc] Committer Election for Scott Fryer on Eclipse Adoptium has started

A committer election for Scott Fryer on project Eclipse Adoptium (adoptium)
was started by Stewart Addison with this criteria:

Scott Fryer (steelhead31 on github recently started as a full-time employee
contributing to the Eclipse Temurin™ team and has already made an impact on
the project including working as part of the Temurin Compliance team for the
last quarterly release.

He has addressed the following bugs:
- Temurin-Build 2891: Improve/Fix misleading Comments In for
- Temurin-Build 2931: Fix labelling of source archives to be platform

He has also been involved in driving the following issues as well as
collaborating regularly in the Adoptium slack channels on various topics:
- Infrastructure 2531: Fedora 35 Compatible Playbooks
- Infrastructure 2530: BTRFS Filesystem compatibility for swap
- Infrastructure 2557: Provision Static Dockerfile for testuing openjdj on RH

For these reasons and the long-term outlook for their involvement on the
team, it is my pleasure to nominate Scott as a committer on Eclipse

Eclipse Adoptium project committers can click the election link below to



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