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Re: [adoptium-pmc] New processes for purchases/approvals

Dear colleagues,

Bringing this up again because (a) crickets and (b) at least one topic deserves your immediate attention: purchases for our colocation.

On Mon, Feb 22, 2021, at 09:31, Andreas Ahlenstorf wrote:

> * We need to be able to purchase replacement parts or remote hands on a 
> very short notice to keep our colocation operational.

It's now two months that one of our two firewalls is broken and it has been waiting for more than one month to be shipped to the Netherlands. If the second goes down, our colo rack will be offline for at least a week. We also have nobody who can purchase replacement parts on a short notice. So while it's paramount to arrange shipping for the firewall, we need to fix the underlying problem: We need at least three people who are empowered (and willing) to take care of such things, are on different schedules (don't take vacation simultaneously etc.), have access to the necessary credentials (online store accounts, etc.), and can get reimbursed.

> Then: Someone needs to negotiate with a potential service provider to 
> find out whether we could work with them before trialing their 
> services. It would be a waste of time if we did test the service 
> beforehand only to find out that they are too expensive. Who can do 
> that?

This is still unresolved, too. It's about hosting our Linux packages and JMC update sites at Adoptium. Does not require deep technical skills, it's primarily talking about money.



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