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Re: [adoptium-pmc] Moving AdoptOpenJDK resources into Adoptium

Hi Andreas.

On 17/02/2021 08:00, Andreas Ahlenstorf wrote:

On Tue, Feb 16, 2021, at 21:18, Tim Ellison wrote:

I think 9 weeks to achieve a full transfer is … optimistic, so I
expect the April release binaries will likely only be hosted at, having been built using EF code/resources that
have moved.  If we get further, great!

I agree. But even if we made it in time, it would be foolish not to
make a normal release at AdoptOpenJDK in March and April. We have to
take our community and our users with us. I'm sure most of the users
don't know that we're about to become Adoptium and that they're going
to use Eclipse Temurin instead of AdoptOpenJDK, soon. We need to
prepare them and give them time to change their processes.

Agreed. I'm making a distinction between (a) the location where we "make the release", i.e. follow the release process of AdoptOpenJDK, or the new release process of the Eclipse Foundation, and (b) host the binaries of that release process.

At AdoptOpenJDK we can host binaries that follow the AdoptOpenJDK process, or binaries that have followed the Eclipse process, whereas at Eclipse we can only host binaries that follow the Eclipse process.

By April this year, even if we move many of the source code and infra to Eclipse, I expect we won't be in a position to complete the Eclipse release process, since we will have to introduce the new JCK processes, Eclipse signing, IP reviews, etc.

We should still move as many AdoptOpenJDK resources as possible to Eclipse, then use them to follow the AdoptOpenJDK release process and release at to ensure continuity. That's why I'm proposing we now sequence the order of moving the Github repos to Eclipse.

We also need a transition plan for the user-facing changes ASAP
(better last month). Every time someone has to change an URL, it's a
moment when it's cheap for them to change vendors. Whether we like it
or not, our most important products aren't the GitHub repositories,
but the resulting binaries and tooling support, which isn't in our
hand at all. CI providers and tools like SDKMAN! or IntelliJ have to
adapt, too. Alone for that we need a transition period where binaries
are available from AdoptOpenJDK and Adoptium simultaneously. And we
need to work with all those vendors to make the switch as seamless as

Yes, this is the part that makes me most nervous about the move - ensuring a smooth transition for everyone.

As I mention above, I think we work on achieving the Eclipse release asap, but cannot miss any availability from AdoptOpenJDK as we go. That also gives us time to work on the transition plan to help users move across.

Therefore, the absolute minimum would be to release in March and
April at AdoptOpenJDK, then immediately re-release both at Adoptium
under the new regime. Ideally, we release at both places in July,
too. This gives people around 6 months to adjust. More would be
great, but might not be possible due to our new constraints.

In fact, there is no limit to the length of time we can continue to re-distribute the Eclipse builds at, it is "just" the extra work of maintaining the site/API there while we transition users to the new Eclipse locations.

+1 to having overlap of availability from both locations for some time.



Please revise the repository names again if those are supposed to be
the final version. Having a repository like "blog" in the Adoptium
org is going to cause trouble when someone needs to fork it and
already has a repository with the same name in their account.  A
prefix like "adoptium-" might be ugly, but helps to avoid those

Good point.

We also need public communication ASAP what the new rules are going
to be at Adoptium, what can come with us, and what we have to leave
behind. If all goes according to plan, we can start next week with
the development of our new website. But we cannot build it if we
don't know whether we can integrate upstream builds, Dragonwell,
IcedTea-Web, or JMC.

I think we have this now.


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