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[4diac-dev] Facelift for 4diac logo


for the upcoming 1.10 release I was looking on the splash screen and
for quite sme time I'm feeling that our logo would need a small face
lift. The main reason for this is that for me the logo is rather noisy.
This has especially drawbacks for smaller sizes (e.g. icons) or when
printing it or even more for stiching ont shirts. 

Therefore today I decided to experiment a bit with the logo to see if I
could come up with somthing that has better proportions and feels
calmer. What I wanted to keep was the iconic look of the Fb and the 4,
which I really like. As you can see in the attached PDF I did quite
some versions (more then 40). 

Currently I've a personal favorit. I atached you a PNG and also how it
would look in the full logo. 

What do you think? Is it an improvement? Any ideas on how to make it
even better?


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