What should I do before I get started?

You need to go through few steps to get the ball rolling. But no worries, it is pretty straightforward.


First of all, you need accounts for:

  • Github account, some of you might already have one. If not, you can go to github and register a free user account in 2 minutes. Notice: If you are working for a company and the work you are going to contribute is in the name of the company, please register your account using company email address.

  • Eclipse account, since Kiso is an Eclipse project (full name: Eclipse Kiso), you need an Eclipse account. Go to to register one for free. After a successful registration, you need to hook up your github account with Eclipse account. Login in Eclipse foundation website and go to ‘Edit My Profile’ where you can bind your github account information.

ECA signing

ECA stands for ‘Eclipse Contributor Agreement’, which is a prerequisite to become a contributor. No paper work needed, go to , read it carefully and follow its instruction to sign.

DCO signing

DCO stand for “Developer’s Certificate of Origin”, which you will encounter as part of ECA signing process. It is highly recommended that you read it, while you as a developer might overlook the legal consequences if the way you contribute does not follow certain rules and regulations.


License is one of the few first things people would think of, when they use or develop an open source project. Eclipse Kiso is and will be developed under the EPL v2.0 license from Eclipse foundation. Of course this exclude 3rd party source code.

EPL v2.0 is available under . You need read it carefully before using Kiso or developing on Kiso and make sure that you understand your rights and obligations.

Any contributions to Kiso project code base needs to be licensed under EPL v2.0.