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Community and professional support for Jubula

There are a few ways to get started working with Jubula. We have some tutorials, videos and documentation if you want to explore on your own, and there are community resources to find help and keep up to date. BREDEX GmbH also offers a variety of training, consulting and support options for Jubula users.

Community support

Use the Jubula forum, mailing list and bugzilla for more information on Jubula.

Professional support

The Jubula team and community provide free assistance in the Jubula forum. If you would like tailored support for your individual questions, or help with specific aspects of your environment and process, then you might want to consider the option of professional support.

For more information on support packages contact the BREDEX team at

Training and consulting

Our test consultants have experience in designing and automating tests according to best practices for robustness and readability, as well as working with continuous integration and dedicated test environments. We offer training and consulting services as well as proofs of concept and review sessions for all aspects of working with Jubula.

  • You can contact the BREDEX Team at for an individual coaching offer.


You can submit and view bugs using the Jubula bugzilla. Please check for duplicates first. When entering a defect, please provide steps to reproduce the bug, information on your environment, version and architecture and any other information (log files, error messages) that will help us to reproduce it.

More information on writing good bug reports is in the Jubula Wiki.

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