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Download Jubula

Jubula is currently available as part of an Eclipse package, via an update site and as a standalone application with an easy-to-use installer.

Where to get your Jubula and what it contains

The first step is to download the distribution of Jubula you require. Use the table below to see which features are included in which distribution and to download the distribution that best suits your needs.





Jubula Standalone Complete package:
Jubula core, documentation, AUT Agent, Example Projects and applications, autrun, testexec, dbtool, Swing toolkit, SWT/RCP/GEF toolkit, JavaFX toolkit, HTML toolkit, database drivers, update site for Jubula Feature and Launch Configurations,Jubula Extension Wizard, Mylyn integration, ALM integration, Code Coverage, Reporting, Teststyle.

This package is provided by BREDEX GmbH and contains source code that is not EPL-conform.

The Jubula Standalone 8.8.0 contains the Jubula Functional Testing Feature in version 8.0.5.

From the
BREDEX Jubula page
Jubula Functional Testing Feature Jubula core, documentation (online), embedded AUT Agent, Swing toolkit, SWT/RCP/GEF and JavaFX toolkits 8.0 2020-12 Update Site

Jubula Launch Support Launch Configuration for Java Swing 8.0 2020-12 Update Site
Launch Configuration for Eclipse RCP 8.0 2020-12 Update Site

Eclipse For Testers Jubula Functional Testing Feature (as described above). Contains Jubula 8.0.0 Eclipse Packages

Additional software

Some software can't be included in the Eclipse downloads because of licensing issues. Other parts may not have been ready for the Eclipse releases. This software is available on the Eclipse Marketplace.

Use the table below to download any additional software you require for your distribution.





Database drivers When working with a Jubula distribution that is not the standalone, you must install this feature to make additional database drivers and configuration settings available. 8.0.0

The database drivers are compatible with the Jubula Feature versions [0.9.0,9.0.0)
Example applications and projects The Cheat Sheets in Jubula make use of example applications and projects. These are currently only available in the standalone version. 8.8.0 Jubula Standalone (see above)

Working with the Marketplace

You can use the Eclipse Marketplace Client available via the Help menu and search for Jubula, visit the Marketplace with your browser or use the Drag&Drop support to drop the installer icon below onto your Eclipse workbench window.

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