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Henshin - Giraph Code Generator Example: Movies

contributed by Christian Krause and Matthis Tichy

This is an example for the Giraph code generator in Henshin. It is described in the paper Implementing Graph Transformations in the Bulk Synchronous Parallel Model submitted to FASE 2014.

The original example consists of a transformation on a part of the data found in the IMDB movie database. We use here the simplified metamodel schon below.

The goal is to find all persons (actors or actresses) that starred together in at least three movies. For every such pair we want to create an instance of the Couple class and add links to the movies the couple played in. Note that this is a simplified version with the following limitations: 1) due to symmetry we actually create 2 couple object for every pair of persons, and 2) we do not consider attributes, such as actor / actress names or movie ratings. For this simplified task, we use the rules and the sequential unit shown below.

To generate the Giraph code, right-click on the sequential unit and select Generate Giraph Code. This will generate two classes: one general utility class and one class for this particular transformation. You can find the generated classes in the giraph/movies folder in the examples plugin.

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