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Henshin Example: Ecore2GenModel

contributed by Enrico Biermann, Claudia Ermel, Stefan Jurack and Christian Krause

This is an exogenous transformation for translating an Ecore model to a GenModel. This transformation was implemented for the Transformation Tool Contest (TTC) 2010. It includes a higher-order (HO) transformation for Henshin.

A detailed description of the transformation can be found here:

The transformation consists of two parts: the generation of the GenModel and a customization which removes trace links using a higher-order (HO) transformation. The models, transformation, source code and example input / output models can be found here. Due to an type casting problem in version 0.9.2, you need Henshin 0.9.3 or higher to execute this transformation.

Generating the GenModel

The following screenshots depicts the rules and transformation units for the generation of the GenModel.

Customization (HO-transformation)

The following screenshots depicts the rules, meta-rules and transformation units for the customization part. For details, please take a look at the paper cited in the beginning.

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