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GEF3D is an Eclipse GEF extension bringing 3D to diagram editing. That is with GEF3D you can create 3D diagrams, 2D diagrams and combine 3D with 2D diagrams. GEF3D extends GEF by providing 3D enabled draw and controller classes. Instead of drawing 2D figures, you can now draw 3D figures. Existing GEF-based 2D editors can be embedded into 3D editors with minimal effort. This is achieved by projecting the output of the embedded editors onto 3D planes and bridging the gap between 2D and 3D content: 3D objects can transparently access 2D content and vice versa. Additionally, multi-diagram editors can be created by combining several single diagram editors. For example multiple 2D diagrams can be displayed and edited simultaneously on different planes and 3D elements can be used to display inter-model connections. Fully 3D graph based editors can be implemented with little or no knowledge of 3D programming since the framework is used exactly the same way as the original 2D framework.

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This project is in the Incubation Phase

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