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GEF Downloads

All downloads are provided under the terms and conditions of the Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement unless otherwise specified.

Online Update-Sites

All deployed GEF Classic (3.x), GEF4, and GEF (5.x) artifacts can be consumed from our releases, milestones, integration, and CI update-sites.

Please note that the GEF Classic (3.x) update site urls have changed with Neon (see bug #470240 for details).

Update-Site Archives

The update-sites provided by individual GEF Classic (3.x), GEF4, and GEF (5.x) release, milestone, and integration builds can also be downloaded as .zip archives for offline-installation below.

Please note that SDK archives (in runnable form) for GEF Classic (3.x) are no longer provided since Mars SR1 (see bug #470240 for details).

4.0.0 Release Builds

5.0.100 Release Builds

5.0.200 Release Builds

5.0.300 Release Builds

5.0.400 Release Builds

5.1.0 Release Builds

5.2.0 Release Builds

5.3.0 Release Builds

5.3.1 Release Builds

5.3.2 Release Builds

5.3.3 Release Builds

5.3.4 Release Builds

5.3.5 Release Builds

5.3.6 Release Builds

5.3.7 Release Builds

5.3.8 Release Builds

5.3.9 Integration Builds

5.4.0 Release Builds

5.4.0 Milestone Builds

5.4.0 Integration Builds

5.4.1 Integration Builds

Archived Release Builds

Older GEF releases have been moved to, and can be accessed here:


Translations packages can be downloaded from the Babel project downloads page (from GEF 3.4 onwards). Older translation packages (for GEF 3.0 - 3.2) can still be found here

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