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GEF (Graphical Editing Framework)

The Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) provides Eclipse-integrated end-user tools in terms of a Graphviz authoring (DOT editor, DOT Graph view) and a word cloud rendering environment (Tag Cloud view), as well as framework components (Common, Geometry, FX, MVC, Graph, Layout, Zest, DOT, and Cloudio) to create rich graphical Java client applications, Eclipse-integrated or standalone. All relevant information can either be found on or on GEF4 MVC.FX.UI Example

Current Status

GEF is participating in the annual Eclipse Simultaneous Release. We have finalized the Oxygen development stream and are now focussing on providing a first related bugfix/service release. See for details.

Release 5.0.100 Available

Juni 27, 2018 - Release 5.0.100 is available as part of the Photon simultaneous release, including service revisions of all GEF components. Follow the Download link to obtain it.

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