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Eclipse Process Framework Composer (EPF Composer) is a tool platform for process engineers, project leads, project and program managers who are responsible for authoring, customizing and publishing processes for development organizations or individual projects.

EPF Composer will provide automation to:

  • Author methods and processes with rich content such as text, images and multimedia, while remaining independent of process architecture and computing platform
  • Provide a common management structure, look and feel for all of an organizationís method content
  • Visually communicate a clear understanding of how the different tasks within a method relate to each other
  • Support multiple views of method content through textual and graphical representation
  • Select, combine, tailor, and rapidly assemble process configurations from method content for an organizationís development projects
  • Publish process configurations using a number of platform-independent output formats, such as HTML and PDF
  • Provide a consistent look-and-feel to published processes distributed through the organization
  • Lower the cost of reuse of method content across an organization

View or Download EPF Composer Vision Document (RTF file)

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