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Eclipse Process Framework Project (EPF)

The Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) aims at producing a customizable software process enginering framework, with exemplary process content and tools, supporting a broad variety of project types and development styles.

EPF 1.5.2 Release (Released June 5, 2018) - See downloads page.

New to EPF?

Project Description - introduction to EPF project and related goals

Getting Started - papers, demos, presentations and documentation to get you started with the project

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Process Authors

Tool and meta-model main page

Download the Libraries

Method Authoring practice page

Process Consumers

Download the Published Websites

Browse the Wiki Sites

Community Events

Webinar series - join our regular webinars to hear about exciting topics in software engineering

Committers and Contributors

Release Plan - Tool and content

Developer Resources - related material on how to contribute to development (tool and content)

Collaborate on improving EPF method plug-ins via the EPF Wiki

Visit Experience Reports and Eclipse Marketplace to find out how organizations are leveraging EPF

Request for feedback. Please read.

The EPF Calendar is open to everyone and lists all upcoming events

Project status - last release review slides, current phase, and project timeline

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