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EPF Composer Build Descriptions


Release builds are intended for production use by everyone. They are an accumulation of enhancements and fixes from each milestone defined in the release. Most importantly, a release build should be free of any severe problems. A release build will be the final build produced before the team begins milestone 1 of the next release plan. After a release build is available, milestone builds from that release are removed from the download page.

A release build looks like

Milestone Builds

Milestone builds are produced at the end of each project milestone. There are typically several milestones in a release. A milestone build has the enhancements and fixes from the previous milestones, plus any new enhancements and fixes. Although these builds are usually stable, but, they are not release quality. After a milestone build is available, integration builds from that milestone are removed from the download page.

A milestone build looks like

Integration Builds

Integration builds are usually promoted from a group of nightly builds that has been tested. They are created within a milestone to mark progression of enhancements and fixes contributed to the tool. Please keep in mind that these are still used as input into the testing and QA process as they may still contain major problems. Integration builds should not be used for production work. After an integration build is available, previous nightly builds leading to that integration build are removed from the download page. Integration builds are packaged with the OpenUP method library.

An integration build looks like

Nightly Builds

Nightly builds are regularly built and tagged with an 'N' designation. They may not be completely tested and may frequently have major problems. These builds are normally only useful to developers and testers actively working on the Eclipse Project.

A nightly build looks like

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