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EPF Practices Library Release Notes

EPF Practices Library

Defects Fixed

For a complete list of content-related defects addressed in this release see Bugzilla

Installation Instructions

Optional: Export any plugins you may have created with older versions of EPF Composer and the library. In EPF Composer, menu File->Export.

1. Download and install EPF Composer (see tool downloads page for instructions)
2. Delete previous installations of the method library, or create a new folder to install the library.
3. Unzip the downloaded library in the folder defined above
4. Open EPF Composer, menu File->Open, then point to the folder where you unzipped the library (where library.xmi file is located)

Optional: Import your existing plugins into the new library. In EPF Composer, menu File->Import.

Note: starting with version, the library provides configuration-free processes. You can have your configuration-dependent processes created with previous versions of the library to co-exist with configuration-free processes. Should you decide to convert your existing processes to configuration-free ones, you can do so, for example, by manually re-creating your processes and their diagrams, or by making a deep-copy of your existing process into a newly created configuration-free process.

Known Issues


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