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EPF Composer Development Guide

Welcome to the EPF Composer Development Guide. This guide covers the steps necessary to begin development on EPF Composer using Eclipse, CVS, and Bugzilla.


  1. Development Environment Setup: This step includes downloading and installing Eclipse and other features that EPF Composer depends on.

  2. EPF Composer Build Plan (RTF file): Download this for an understanding of how EPF Composer is built.

  3. CVS Repository Setup: This step includes connecting to CVS using a committer account or anonymously and checking out the plug-in projects to your workspace.

  4. JDE Run and Debug Settings: This step demonstrates how to configure Eclipse to run or debug EPF Compposer from within the Eclipse environment.

  5. Committing Changes: This step demonstrates how a committer can submit their code changes to the main CVS repository.

  6. CVS Tags for EPF Composer: This step documents how to use CVS tags in the EPF Composer project, how to retrieve source with a specific tag, and how tags and published builds are related.

  7. Bugzilla Setup: This step includes the creating a new Bugzilla account and the basic usage of Bugzilla for the EPF project.

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