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Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) Model Transaction

EMF model transaction provides the following capabilities:

  1. Multi-threading - Supports a protocol for clients to read and write EMF models on multiple threads.
  2. Model Integrity - Semantic integrity is ensured by automatic validation to detect invalid changes and semantic procedures to proactively maintain correctness of semantic dependencies.
  3. Batched Events - Clients are notified of groups of related changes in batches, rather than as a stream of EMF notifications. In particular, this allows applications to analyze change sets in their entirety.
  4. Undo/Redo - For a simplified programming model, the API automatically tracks changes applied to models without the need for client code to use EMF edit Commands. These changes are encapsulated in transactions/operations that can undo and redo themselves.
  5. Editing Domain - Support cooperative editing of models by multiple editors/applications. EMF resources can be shared amongst different editing domains.
  6. Eclipse Workspace - The API provides traceability between EMF resources and workspace resources. Multi-threaded access is coordinated via the Eclipse jobs API and its integration with the workspace.
  7. Eclipse Operations - The API supports the Eclipse operation history as an undo stack for undo/redo of resource changes. The API provides a framework for undoable operations that automatically capture undo/redo information, which can be interleaved on the same history with dependent operations that do not modify the EMF model.

Current Status

Development is underway for the proposed EMF Transaction 1.11.0 release for Eclipse Oxygen, due June 2017.

EMF Transaction 1.10.0 Now Available

June 22, 2016 - EMF Transaction 1.10.0 for Eclipse Neon has been released. Check the Download page.

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