RPMN aims to work with different datamodels and regulatory projects, including BIRD.

In the RPMN Data Model representation we have the idea of Types (like Number , String, Currency, Country) and Concepts.

Specifically for BIRD we have some extra text formats to represent types of BIRD, which are known as SubDomains in BIRD (such as currency) and their associated Members (such as USD) and optionally their associated concept (known as Variables in the language of BIRD.).

Also to support BIRD we have Python programs to translate from published BIRD Artefacts (which are stored in universal formats such as xml, csv, etc) into the Python objects following the classes of the UML diagram. This provides a full unified information model of all BIRD artefacts including logical transformation rules and tests, allowing for an in-memory representation to use in tool support such as validation of test data against data models, or visual navigation between the related artefacts (like workflow task to data model attribute)

Object Trees of these Python classes can be serialised into a common Ecore XMI format if desired, From this Ecore format the Python objects can be recreated, or Java Objects can be created also (allowing integration with the example visual tools for RPMN in Eclipse Free BIRD Tools)

The Python classes have a very clean and simple interface which is easy to use, and enforces type safety.

As with the core of RPMN, their is a UML model and text formats for describing the BIRD Specific Data Model such as Subdomain, Domain, Variable and Member. This model is mostly the core and data definition UML models of the SMCubes Methodology published by the ECB here

Note that this addition to the UML model has a relationship with the main model in that SubDomain is a now subclass of Type , Variable is now a subclass of Concept, and Member is now a subclass of EnumMember

The BIRD Specific UML Class diagrams and their documentation

Group Name Class Diagram Documentation
BIRD Specific DataModel SMCubes Core UML Class Diagram Documentation
BIRD Specific DataModel SMCubes Data Definition UML Class Diagram Documentation
BIRD Specific DataModel RPMN SMCubes Extensions UML Class Diagram Documentation
BIRD Specific DataModel RPMN UML Class Diagram Documentation

An example of the text file