What is BIRD?

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At the core of Eclipse Free BIRD Tools is CoCaMo, this is a Collaborative Calculation Model.

CoCaMo is used to provide one common model for calculation, to be used between different disciplines, specifically data modellers, developers, testers and domain experts.

An extension to CoCaMo called “CoCaMo for SMCubes” is used to support the European Central Banks’ BIRD project.

Aside from CoCaMo for SMCubes, Eclipse Free BIRD Tools also provides a set of tools to work with the Logical Data Model for BIRD.

What is CoCaMo?

From experience in the creation of calculation engines for regulatory logic we often find the following situation where different disciplines all store their knowledge in different formats and tools which cannot interact. Like this:

Therefore things get lost in translation.

Also when a data modellers changes the data model (for example to rename a column or attribute), there is no immediate communication that this affects another discipline , such as a test or computation which uses that attribute/column.

In CoCaMo all disciplines store their information in one model like this:

More detail is provided below on the different aspects of CoCaMo.


CoCaSon (Collaborative Calculation Simple Object Notation) provides an easy to understand text representation for instances of the Collaborative Calculation Model, familiar to users of JSON, and easy to use with collaborative software for source control and issue tracking.


CoCaMo aims to be integratable with calculation languages such as the VTL language for describing transformations in BIRD.


CoCaMo is a model, its defined as a UML class diagram, and has documentation for each class and attribute, it has no operations.