What is BIRD?

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Eclipse Free BIRD Tools introduces RPMN (Regulatory Process and Modelling Notation) as a means for Regulatory experts to easily describe and collaborate on machine readable requirements documents without programming experience.

RPMN Also allows solution developers to auto-create a skeleton of a tech solution (e.g. data base schemas and programming language functions) from RPMN as machine written solutions.

These machine witten solutions are always in synch with the requirements doc, and gaps in functionality can be completed by technical programmers.

RPMN is compatible with the artefacts published by BIRD for data models and transformations (and can be used with other regulatory data models and logic)

RPMN is just 2 things: Some simple diagrams and associated simple text formats.

RPMN allows regulatory artefacts (like data models, workflows, business requirements, links to regulations) to be described in simple text files, where associated visual diagrams can be automatically generated from the text files (and vice versa).

RPMN is inspired by and re-uses other standards typically used in defining regulatory requirements docs such as BPMN,ER-Diagrams and SQL, but refines these to use only what is most appropriate for regulatory processes, and establishes navigable links between the parts of the standard such as workflow to datamodel

Eclipse Free BIRD Tools also introduces a way to develop tools based on these text formats (text auto-completion, and image generation), and provides an example tool.

The code and standard definitions are freely available on Github

The Eclipse Free BIRD Project is governed by the open source Eclipse Foundation , and as such is vendor nuetral with full IP tracability and a strong open source but commercially friendly license.