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Date: 2019-04-23

The Jakarta EE Specification committee has approved the following naming standard for Jakarta EE Specification projects:

  • Replace “Java” with “Jakarta” (e.g. “Java Message Service” becomes “Jakarta Message Service”)

  • Add a space in cases where names are mashed together (e.g. “JavaMail” becomes “Jakarta Mail”)

  • Add “Jakarta” when it is missing (e.g. “Expression Language” becomes “Jakarta Expression Language”)

  • Rework names to consistently start with “Jakarta” (“Enterprise JavaBeans” becomes “Jakarta Enterprise Beans”)

  • Simplify/shorten names by removing words that do not add value (e.g. "Jakarta Message Service" becomes "Jakarta Messaging" and "Jakarta Servlet API" becomes "Jakarta Servlet")

The EE4J PMC has been asked to rename the existing specifications according to this standard. Tracking of the renaming is shown on the EE4J GitHub organization,

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