Releases: 0.1.3 and 0.2.0-M3


Yesterday was quite a busy day, we produced two new builds of Eclipse SCADA – 0.1.3 and 0.2.0-M3.

For the 0.1 series we have a maintenance release (0.1.3) which only fixes bug #438619. So it is a rather small change and only applies when you need the REST interface.

The 0.2 series received a lot more. New features (e.g. IEC 60870, plain Java Debian Package generation), improved functionality (e.g. chart enhancements, configurator tools) and of course some bug fixes and cleanups.

The most notable new addition might be the implementation of the protocol IEC 60870-5-104. It is a from the scratch implementation of the protocol and the application layer on top of it. However the final legal review has not been completed. So the (although unlikely) possibility still exists that the feature might get removed from Eclipse SCADA in the final release of 0.2. If that should happen, it will be migrated to openSCADA, which now works as an addition to Eclipse SCADA (like for the OPC and SNMP interface right now). At the moment data can be exported from Eclipse SCADA and provided to other systems using IEC 60870-5-104, the next step will be to also import data using the protocol for processing in Eclipse SCADA. Of course all the protocol modules can be combined, so right now Eclipse SCADA provides a base for, reading, for example, modbus data and providing it using IEC 60870 to other systems.

The configurator IDE received a few new functions which for example allow to change the type of data sources, by replacing with a different type, or mass-renaming sources, mass-assigning connections.

Java 8 gave us a bit of a headache when it comes to the JavaScript integration. The switch from Rhino to Nashorn changed a lot in the backend and we had to adapt Eclipse SCADA to handle this correctly. For existing configuration projects there might be some manual changes needed, but new configuration projects will create the correct code now to run either using Rhino or Nashhorn, on Java 7 or 8, Oracle or IBM.

A nifty new feature also is the creation of Debian packages (deb) from the configurator IDE using plain Java. In this past this was done by the Debian package builder (debuild), by running it in the background as a command line tool. Now the functionality was re-implemented using plain Java which means it can also run on other platforms. So you can now use the configurator to create Debian configuration packages for Eclipse SCADA on Windows (and of course Mac OS). A nice side effect of this is, that processing the configuration a lot faster by the new Java implementation.

Of course the M3 milestone also contains the enhancements we made for the chart viewer, which we described in the last post. And there are a lot more little changes which did not make it into this post ;-)

0.2.0-M3 (milestone) – S201407011052