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Eclipse Team Component 3.4 Development Plan

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Eclipse Project 3.4 Plan items that effect Team

The following items which appear on the Eclipse Project 3.4 Plan will have an effect on the Team/Compare/CVS component.

  • Plan item 1: There is no Eclipse 3.4 plan yet but when there is we'll make sure to update this section.
The next section contains a description of the particular items we plan to address in 3.4.

Overall Team 3.4 Plan

The overall themes for this release are detailed below (Note, at this point, these are just items that we could potentially address. Until we know the overall 3.4 plan, we cannot commit to any particular items):

  • [>3.4] Adopt new menu/commands (196349): The new menu/commands story has been evolving over the last few releases and should be in a state in 3.4 that will allow the Team, Compare and CVS plug-ins to adopt the support.
  • [>3.4] Adapt editor functionality to Compare Editor (169386): We should continue to provide as much editor capabilities as possible in the compare editor.
  • Improve unmatched patch handling: There are several improvements that can be made around patch handling. Some examples are:
    • [>3.4] Better visual feedback in the merge viewer when portions of a patch cannot be matched so that the user understands what to do and has some additional tools to help them find a match. (190844)
    • finished Fuzz factor improvements (199846)
  • [>3.4] Compare with Each Other (193321): We would like to provide a more Synchronize view like work flow to the Compare with Each Other action.
  • [>3.4] Address Model-based Synchronize View regressions (172027): When the model-based Synchronize view was introduced in 3.2, there were several regressions that prevented CVs from removing support for the old-style Synchronizations. It would be good if these regressions could be addressed.
  • Project Configuration: There are several improvements that can be made around project configuration. Some examples are:
    • finished Multi-project sharing (104203)
    • [>3.4] Multi-project configuration on checkout/import (e.g. make non-Eclipse projects Java projects). (73590)
  • Performance: There are several performance issues we would like to address:
    • [>3.4] CVS Log Entry Cache (79697)
    • [>3.4] Compare Editor Memory Usage (90209)
    • Other Issues (Query)
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