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Eclipse 3.6 Acknowledgements

The Eclipse and RT Equinox project committers always receive a tremendous amount of support from the community during every release. The 3.6 release cycle is no exception. We would like to thank the following people for their efforts opening bug reports, providing patches, testing, consuming the latest builds and participating in discussions that resulted in a better Helios release.

The Platform and JDT Text team would like to thank everyone who filed good bug reports and enhancement requests. Special thanks go to:
Tom Hofmann, Stephan Wahlbrink, Anton Leherbauer, Fabio Zadrozny, Doug Satchwell and Kim Moir for all her releng work.

JDT UI sends thanks to:
Benjamin Muskalla, Chris West (Faux), Robert Konigsberg, Carsten Pfeiffer, Achim Demelt and Kim Moir for the poems she sends along with the milestones.

The User Assistance team would like to thank everyone who made contributions or filed bug reports, and in particular Hao Zhang for the contribution of the criteria feature, and Chris Austin and Jim Perry for their enhancements to remote help.

The Platform UI team would like to thank everyone who filed bugs, asked and answered newsgroup questions, and contributed patches. For 3.6, we have included contributions from: Andreas Bjoru, Anton Leherbauer, Baltasar Belyavsky, Chris Horneck, David Green, Dina Sayed, Eugene Ostroukhov, Francis Lynch, Franck Mangin, Hannes Erven, Helena Halperin, James Blackburn, John Cortell, Marc R. Hoffmann, Markus Schorn, Mayank Kumar, Mickael Istria, Min Idzelis, Mohamed Tarief, Paul Adams, Pawel Pogorzelski, Ralf Ebert, Semion Chichelnitsky, Shawn Minto, Simon Chemouil, Simon Muschel, Stephan Herrmann, and Wojciech Galanciak. Thank you!

The Plug-in Development Environment team would like to thank everyone who has helped to improve our user's experience. We appreciate the good bugs and patches from the community and a special thanks goes out to Lars Vogel, Ekkehard Gentz, Ralf Ebert and everyone else who has posted tutorials, blogs, faqs and more.

The Platform and JDT Debug team would like to thank everyone who filed bugs, asked and answered newsgroup questions, and contributed patches. Special thanks goes to Patrick Chuong, Daniel Friederich, Marc Khouzam, David Green, John Cortell, and Ralf Ebert.

The Platform Runtime/Workspace team would like to thank the following for their code contributions to this release: Anton Leherbauer, Francis Lynch, James Blackburn, Mario Winterer, Markus Schorn, and Min Idzelis. Credit also goes to Serge Beauchamp for the work he contributed in the area of Flexible Resources before he got his commit rights and to Dani Megert who has been helping to improve Workspace components.

The SWT team would like to thank everyone who filed bugs and helped improve the toolkit. Special thanks go to: Andrew Overholt, Christopher Deckers, Dani Megert, David Green, Markus Keller, Martin Oberhuber, McQ, Mike Schrag, Pei Na, Remy Suen, Shawn Minto, and Steffen Pingel. Also, special thanks to those whose assistance and feedback made SWT's accessibility enhancements possible: Glen Gordon, James Teh, Joanmarie Diggs, Jose Vilmar Estacio de Souza, Larry Weiss, Pete Brunet, and Richard Schwerdtfeger.

The platform releng team (Kim Moir) would like to thank Andrew Niefer, DJ Houghton, John Arthorne and Pascal Rapicault for their advice on build and p2 issues. I'd also like to thank Frédéric Fusier improving the performance framework and verifying the performance results. We'd also like to thank the companies that donated new hardware to the Eclipse foundation (IBM, Intel, Google) which significantly sped up our build process. Keep those hardware donations coming! I'd also like to thank Denis Roy and Matt Ward for their superb work keeping the infrastructure up and running, and integrating new services and hardware. I'd also like to thank David Williams for all his time keeping the Helios train on track in the face of frequent derailments and bumps in the road.

The JDT/Core team would like to thank everyone who filed bugs, asked and answered newsgroup questions, and contributed patches. Special thanks to Stephan Herrmann for continuous feedbacks, high-quality bug reports and excellent patches, to Karen Moore for taking the time to provide a reproducable test case for a nasty bug, to Kent Johnson who left the team after so many years of excellent work and to Ayushman Jain and Satyam Kandula who contributed a lot before they got their commit rights.

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