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EATOP Project

EATOP Project


EATOP is an open source project under the Eclipse Modeling project to provide an Eclipse-based implementation of the EAST-ADL standard, which is a domain specific architecture description language (ADL) established in the automotive industry.

The EATOP project proposal can be found here. The project has been provisioned and the initial code contribution has been submitted, passed the preliminary IP review and been checked in to Git.

Currently we are working upon setting up EATOP builds and making EATOP milestone and integration builds available for download. The results of the first successful EATOP builds on Eclipse Hudson are already available and can be retrieved right there.

We are also about to create wiki pages for EATOP providing up-to-date developer and user information.

Some Highlights of EATOP

EMF based access to the EAST-ADL meta-model

  • Tools to generate an XML schema and an Ecore meta-model from the Enterprise Architect sources of the EAST-ADL releases published by the EAST-ADL association.
  • EMF-based meta-model implementations of several EAST-ADL releases that provide EAST-ADL design tool developers with Java APIs for manipulating EAST-ADL model instances. EATOP contains for each supported EAST-ADL release the required meta-model implementation. The current supported EAST-ADL releases is the version 2.1.12.
  • File based as well as database persistency management

  • EATOP provides in combination with Sphinx the functionality to serialize and deserialize the instances of the EAST-ADL meta-model within an EAXML file. The EAXML file is kind of a xml file which contains the serialized form of the EAST-ADL meta-model instances. Its content is conform to the xml schema of the corresponding EAST-ADL release.
  • Database persistence of EAST-ADL models.
  • Management of EAST-ADL models spread over one or multiple XML files in the Eclipse workspace.
  • Basic Eclipse user interface support

  • Wizards for creation of an EAST-ADL projects/files.
  • EAST-ADL release preference page, EATOP perspective and EATOP explorer view.
  • Drag and drop functionality between EAST-ADL content.
  • Further miscellaneous features will ease the handling of EAST-ADL

  • Model to model transformation between the different abstraction layers within the EAST-ADL meta-model.
  • Variability management supporting both the definition of variant-rich EAST-ADL models as well as creation of fully/partly configured occurrences of these models representing individual variants or variant subsets.
  • Demonstrators

  • A standalone application that can be used to conveniently explore EATOP without an existing Eclipse installation. It demonstrates the features and capabilities of EATOP.
  • Experimental (graphical, form based, ...) editors to create and visualize EAST-ADL based models.
  • Getting Involved
    SVN, Workspace Setup, Wiki, Committers.
    Distribution, Update Site, Dropins.

    This project is in the Incubation Phase.

    Project Summary

    Read more about this project and get all useful information and links about it in a nutshell.

    New and Noteworthy

    The initial code contribution has been checked in to Git.

    Wiki pages with up-to-date EATOP developer and user are in progress.

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