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e4 Project

About e4

e4 is an incubator project for community exploration of future technologies for the Eclipse Platform.

Originally this project was used for the development of the underlying engine of the Eclipse 4 platform which concluded with the release of Eclipse 4.

After this the project incubated the new E4 Rich Client Tooling used to visually create the Application Model. This project also graduated and is now part of Eclipse Platform.

You can find the E4 tooling in the Release Train repository. The projects that are currently cooking here are:

Eclipse Spies

E4 spies is a set of tools to help in developing application using Eclipse 4. These tools are very helpful when creating a "pure E4" project the spies makes the development of "pure e4" applications easier and helps to understand the underlying E4 concepts like "Application Model", "Events", "Contexts", "Preferences" and "CSS Styling".

Smart Project Importer Framework

Currently, when importing a project, users are facing the difficult choices of what project they are importing and how to import it. The various technologies involved in a project can easily be detected by some automated check, such as presence of specific files, some content in a file or files with a specific extension. The purpose of the framework is to use such interesting data to automatically detect the nature of the project and automatically configure it at best, with very minimal effort from the user.

For more details, see the project wiki..

Eclipse Model Spies

Want to take a look under the covers? Download the latest snapshot!

Eclipse Spies Repository (URL)
Eclipse Spies Zipped Update Sites

Smart Import Framework

The Smart Project Import Framework is the latest experiment cooking in our e4 labs.

Eclipse E4 UI Repository

Eclipse Model tooling (Graduated!)

Several e4 components graduated into the Eclipse Platform project to produce the Eclipse 4 stream of releases.

We build with Hudson

Incubation Phase

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