This package was released on 02/27/2015. A newer package is available here.

Eclipse for PHP Developers

Package Description

The essential tools for any PHP developer, including PHP language support, Git client, Mylyn and editors for JavaScript, HTML, CSS and XML.

This package includes:

  • Eclipse Git Team Provider
  • Mylyn Task List
  • PHP Development Tools (PDT)
  • Eclipse XML Editors and Tools
Detailed features list
  • org.eclipse.egit
  • org.eclipse.egit.import
  • org.eclipse.epp.package.common.feature
  • org.eclipse.equinox.p2.user.ui
  • org.eclipse.platform
  • org.eclipse.rcp
  • org.eclipse.mylyn_feature
  • org.eclipse.mylyn.bugzilla_feature
  • org.eclipse.mylyn.context_feature
  • org.eclipse.mylyn.ide_feature
  • org.eclipse.mylyn.wikitext_feature
  • org.eclipse.wst.xml_ui.feature
  • org.eclipse.php

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