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Friends of Eclipse FAQ

All money donated to the Eclipse Foundation will be used to support the Eclipse Community.
No, you will not receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation. The Eclipse Foundation is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization, not a charitable organization, so we are unable to provide charitable tax receipts.
We currently accept credit card donations and PayPal donations.

Thank you for wanting to donate periodically to the Eclipse Foundation!

The only way to create an automatic recurring donation is through PayPal. On the donate page, select the amount you would like to give periodically, click donate. In the next box, make sure PayPal is selected and selected a donation period, monthly or yearly. To confirm your donation, click the donate button again and you will be redirected to PayPal to finalize the donation. From then on, donations will be made automatically on your behalf monthly or yearly, depending on your selection.

To cancel your recurring donation, you will have to log in to your PayPal account to terminate the recurring payment. More information is available on the PayPal FAQ page.

You are welcome to make a donation via cheque or direct deposit, but please note that you will not be eligible for the Friend of Eclipse benefits.

Cheque Donations

To donate via cheque, please send your cheque to:

Eclipse Foundation Donations
102 Centrepointe Dr.
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K2G 6B1

Direct Deposit

To donate via direct deposit, email us for the banking information.

You may contribute any amount you like. A contribution over 35 USD gives you the Friend of Eclipse status.

Individuals that contribute 35 USD or more qualify for the Friend of Eclipse status. This status lasts for a period of 12 months.

  • Friends are recognized on Buzgilla with a friend of Eclipse badge.
  • Friends can use the Friend of Eclipse logo.
If you have made a donation while you were logged in, your donation will automatically be linked to your Eclipse Account. If your Eclipse Account and your donations aren’t linked and you would like them to be, please email us Please provide your donation details in the email: date, transaction ID, full name, and your Eclipse Account email address.
Please contact us at with all your contact information and an explanation of what you need corrected.
Any individual that has donated more than 35 USD to the Eclipse Foundation may use the Friend of Eclipse logo.
When you make your donation, check the box next to “I want to be listed on the recognition page”, then enter your first and last name. Once your donation has been finalized, you will be listed on the credit page. If you do not check the box, your donation will remain anonymous.
We have an Eclipse Corporate Sponsor Program. A company may become a corporate sponsor by making a financial contribution or an in-kind contribution of goods and services to the Eclipse Foundation. There are three tiers of sponsorship: 1) Platinum, 2) Gold and 3) Silver; each tier representing the level of annual sponsorship to the Eclipse Foundation.
Other questions? Email us

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