February 9, 2009    

  • Early Registration Deadline for EclipseCon
  • Open Source Executive Strategy Summit
  • Board of Directors Candidates
  • Vote on the Individual Eclipse Community Awards
  • Call for EclipseCon Sponsorship
  • Early Registration Deadline for EclipseCon
    EclipseCon takes place March 23-26, in Santa Clara, CA. There are more than 200 tutorials and talks covering all aspects of Eclipse technology and commercial interests. Register by February 14 for a $500 discount off the onsite price.

    Hotels and flights are filling up quickly this year, so remember to book early!
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      EclipseCon 2009
    Open Source Executive Strategy Summit
    The Open Source Executive Strategy Summit is for executives who are responsible for their organizations' open source strategy and participation. The purpose of the event is to answer two questions: 1) What Open Source Strategies Are Working Today?; and 2) What Will Work in the Future? The Summit will be held March 26 at the same location as EclipseCon.
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    Board of Directors Candidates
    Details on the candidates for the 2009 Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors have been posted. Voting will take place from February 23 to March 13 at 3:00 pm EST.
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    Vote on the Individual Eclipse Community Awards
    Eclipse Awards   Voting for the Top Ambassador, Top Committer and Top Contributor awards is open until February 27 at 5:00 pm EST. Help us thank the individuals who have made Eclipse a stronger community this past year. The winners will be announced on March 23 at EclipseCon. Learn more >>
    Call for EclipseCon Sponsorship
    Sponsorship opportunities for EclipseCon 2009 are still available to Eclipse members. Act quickly as many sponsor options are limited in availability and some items are already sold out. As well, options like booth location are selected on a first-come-first choice basis.
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    Eclipse Generation Framework (EGF)
    EGF's goal is to realize the integration of transformation engines and DSL editors with fitted formalisms and mechanism for flexible software mass-production.
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      Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) Index
    EMF Index will auto-collect and synchronize index data on Ecore models and instances, allowing fast queries without the need to have EMF resources instantiated in memory.
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    Extended Editing Framework (EEF)
    EEF will focus on the tooling for the production of enhanced environments dedicated to EMF models editing to improve the EMF model creation phase.
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      Financial Platform
    The goal of the Financial Platform project is to extend the Eclipse platform to create an open source framework and common infrastructure for interoperable and extensible financial systems.
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    Firefly DevKit
    The FireFly DevKit project intends to develop an extensible mobile web developer kit for use in creating and testing traditional and next-generation mobile RIA applications.
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      IDE for Education (IDE4EDU)
    IDE4EDU is a version of Eclipse streamlined for university and college students. The environment provides support for programming languages commonly used in university courses.
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    Jetty's objectives are to maintain an embeddable release of a HTTP server and servlet container, foster integration with other OS projects and provide a platform for scalable solutions.
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      Model Execution Framework (MXF)
    The main aim of MXF is to provide a framework for development, execution and debugging of models with operational semantics.
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    Presentation Modeling Framework (PMF)
    PMF's purpose is to provide the basic functional concepts of user interaction in a PIM level UI modeling language and to design the data presentation scenario/pattern.
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      Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Modeler (STEM)
    STEM enables epidemiologists and other researchers to develop disease models quickly and collaboratively.
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    Silverlight Development Toolkit (SLDT)
    The purpose of this project is to provide a cross-platform development environment to build the RIA Web application on Microsoft Silverlight.
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      Test Automation Platform (TAP)
    TAP will add new extensibility and components for constructing system test automation solutions, including a new Eclipse platform designed for headless test execution.
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    March 23-26, 2009
    Santa Clara, CA, USA

    Eclipse Forum India
    April 6-11, 2009
    Bangalore, India

    Eclipse Forum Europe
    April 20-24, 2009
    Mainz, Germany

    April 28-29, 2009
    Istanbul, Turkey

    Eclipse Embedded Day in Stuttgart
    June 25, 2009
    Stuttgart, Germany

    Eclipse India Summit
    July 17-18, 2009
    Bangalore, India


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