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Jakarta EE Survey Results and Milestone Release Now Available

June was a big month for Jakarta EE with the release of the 2020 Jakarta EE Developer Survey results and the Jakarta EE 9 milestone release.

This year’s Jakarta EE Developer Survey revealed a number of interesting trends, including the fact that Jakarta EE adoption is on the rise. Survey responses showed that:

  • Jakarta EE is emerging as the second-place cloud native framework with 35 percent usage.
  • Together, Java 8 and Jakarta EE 8 hit the mainstream with 55 percent adoption. Despite only shipping in September 2019, Jakarta EE 8 usage skyrocketed to 17 percent.

Get the complete survey results here.

The Jakarta EE 9 milestone release reinforces the value the industry sees in Jakarta EE. Technology leaders are investing to ensure their software supports the Jakarta EE 9 namespace and others have indicated they will do the same. With the full Jakarta EE 9 release later this year, Jakarta EE will be ideally positioned to drive true open source, cloud native innovation using Java.

Find Jakarta EE 9 milestone platform information here.

For deeper insight into industry adoption of Jakarta EE, how architectural approaches are evolving, and Jakarta EE community growth, readthis blog by Eclipse Foundation Executive Director, Mike Milinkovich.

Start Planning Your EclipseCon 2020 Experience

EclipseCon 2020 will be held October 19-20 and is a free, virtual event this year so more community members can join in.

Here are just a few ways you can start planning your EclipseCon 2020 experience today:

  • Register online. There’s no registration fee, but you do need to register to attend.
  • Reserve your spot in Community Day. Community Day will be held on Monday, October 19. Participating in Community Day is a great way to grow your own Eclipse community and gain visibility into other communities and projects. Space for sessions is limited, so be sure to request your spot early.
  • Check out the EclipseCon 2020 sessions.The EclipseCon 2020 program has been announced, so take a few minutes to find the topics and talks that interest you most.

Get Involved in Eclipse SAM IoT 2020

Eclipse SAM IoT is the first virtual Eclipse conference on Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Modeling (SAM) for next-generation Internet of Things (IoT). This free event will be held September 17-18, 2020.

As we move into the next stage of IoT evolution, resolving technical challenges such as low latency, high reliability, security, and dynamic resource allocation is critical to enable smart factories, smart cities, critical infrastructure, and cooperative service robotics. Efforts so far have led to innovations in edge computing, artificial intelligence and analytics, digital twins, and security and trust technologies.

Experts and Researchers: Submit a Paper

If you’re an expert or a researcher in any of these areas, please consider presenting your work to SAM IoT conference participants — a mix of researchers, industry players, and representatives from standards bodies. We welcome all submissions and there’s no need for projects to be associated with the Eclipse Foundation or its projects.

To review the submission guidelines and submit your paper, click here.

The final date for submissions is July 22, 2020, and selected papers will be published under the Creative Commons License 4.0 on

Participants: Register Today

To register for the Eclipse SAM IoT virtual conference, click here.