Why I Love the Eclipse Marketplace

Let me count the ways:

  1. Saves Time: Saves me from futile web searches for Eclipse-specific plugins.

  2. Benefit from the Wisdom of the Crowd: Plugin popularity is very useful when having to decide between different plugins serving the same purpose.

  3. Easy to share: from the Marketplace Client, I can see what plugins I have installed, and visit the corresponding Marketplace webpage. Send that URL to a friend and they can install it too. Much better than scrambling to find the corresponding p2 site.

  4. Provisioning: Setting up a new Eclipse install in a VM is easy since my favorites are saved to the Eclipse Foundation servers (via the Eclipse User Storage Service).

  5. Discovery: I've discovered several new plugins through its highlighted plugins.

  6. Analytics: As a publisher, it provides analytics on monthly installations and a simplified installation process especially for Eclipse version-specific add-ons.

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