October 2013

C/C++ Development Tooling

This month, after popular demand, we bring you a newsletter focused on C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT). In this issue we introduce the new Organize Includes feature and we highlight things you may not know about CDT. Be sure to read the tutorials to learn how to debug highly complex applications and how to set up your C++ project.

Our team here at the Eclipse Foundation always likes to learn more about the Eclipse Community. This time around, we would like to know what version of Eclipse you use. Please take the time to complete this one question survey.

Finally, I'd like to bring your attention to this great report, Using Eclipse for Java development: A helpful introduction to the world's most-used IDE, by ZeroTurnaround.

I hope to see you at EclipseCon Europe next week!

Eclipse Newsletter Editor

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the CDT

The title is self-explanatory, discover 10 things you may or may not know about CDT.

Debugging Highly Complex Applications

Learn how to debug highly complex applications with the Multicore Debugging features available in Eclipse CDT.

Organize Includes Comes to CDT

Eclipse CDT now provides an automatic Organize Includes feature.

Setting Up Include Paths and Macros for C/C++ Indexer

Discover how to set up your C++ project to enjoy full power of content assist, navigation, and static analysis tools.

EclipseCon 2014 - Call for Papers Now Open

EclipseCon 2014 is scheduled for March 17-20 in San Francisco, CA. The conference call for papers is now open. Everyone is invited to submit a speaking proposal.
Eclipse Day at the Googleplex 2013

We're happy to announce the 6th annual Eclipse Day at the Googleplex, taking place December 18, 2013. Great speakers such as Tim Fox and Eric Clayberg will be presenting at this year's event. View the full program and register.

Gunnar Wagenknecht


What do you do?
In my current role I'm managing Tasktop's open source services business. In the past, I've also built plenty of Eclipse based solutions myself. I like the runtime modularity space as well as the Eclipse community.

How long have you been using Eclipse?
I've been using Eclipse since it has been made available and started developing my first plug-ins when version 2.0 was still in the works.

Name five plugins you use and recommend:

What's your favorite thing to do when you're not working?
That's a pretty tough question because open source and the Eclipse community is a big part of my life. Sometimes, I get away from it all with garden work or home improvement projects. I enjoy hanging out with family and friends, having a beer or two and occasionally some fishing.

Jetty 9.1

STEM 2.0.0

JGit 3.1.0

EGit 3.1.0

ECF 3.7.0

Lyo 2.0

Hudson 3.1.0

Linux Tools 2.1.0

Mihini 0.9

Epsilon 1.1


JTS Topology Suite





EclipseCon Europe 2013
October 29-31, 2013
Ludwigsburg, Germany

Eclipse DemoCamps Fall 2013
November 1 - 30, 2013
Many Locations

Eclipse Finance Day 2013
November 5, 2013
Zürich, Switzerland

Eclipse Day at the Googleplex
December 18, 2013
Mountain View, California

EclipseCon 2014
March 17-20, 2014
San Francisco, California

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