Eclipse Lyo is an SDK to help the Eclipse community to adopt OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) specifications and build OSLC-compliant tools.


Lyo 2.1 now available!

Lyo features


We’ll provide the pieces to get your client or server up and running with OSLC. We’re focusing on Java initially; however, JavaScript and other languages will soon follow.

Download the OSLC4J Java SDK for OSLC

Learn more about the OSLC4J Java toolkit

Test suite

Utilize a test suite to help build interoperable OSLC tools.

Learn more about the Lyo OSLC Test Suite

Using the Lyo OSLC Test Suite

Reference implementations

See how OSLC works directly with working samples and with a simple server to test against.

Using the Lyo OSLC4J Reference Implementations

What is OSLC?

An open community

We are an open, industry-wide community that is dedicated to reducing the barriers between lifecycle tools.

We want to help others build software that easily integrates with other software, which will let you build your ideal development environment, minimize frustration, and save time and money.

Learn more about the OSLC community

Writing open specifications

We write specifications that are…

  • Flexible: Our specifications allow any OSLC-compliant tool to easily use the data of any other OSLC-compliant tool
  • Free to adopt: All of our specifications are free to use.
  • Based on open data standards: Our specifications use REST interfaces and URLs to expose lifecycle data

For many types of software

OSLC’s scope started with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and is expanding to include integrations across Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and IT Service Management (ISM/DevOps)

As OSLC expands, we want to help the Eclipse community to build OSLC-compliant software.

Learn how to get involved with OSLC

Get involved

Guide for contributions

Join the lyo-dev mailing list.

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Project status

View the detailed project summary here.

Additional project details on plan development on the project wiki as well.

See the original proposal.

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