Entering Codewind remote connection settings

  1. From the Codewind view, click New Codewind Connection. From the Codewind connection settings page, enter a connection name, an optional connection description, and Codewind connection credentials. Then, click Test to confirm that the Codewind Connection Credentials are correct.
  2. Add sources with the Template Source Manager for Eclipse or for VS Code.
  3. If your source uses Codewind style templates, add a push image registry to the Image Registry Manager.
    • To go to the Image Registry Manager command, click the button in the Remote Connection wizard or right-click your connection in the Codewind view.
    • From the Image Registry Manager, click Add New and follow the prompts in the windows.
    • You have opportunities to test your credentials if you are using a Codewind style template and need a push registry. To test, you can deploy a Hello World image to the image registry.
  4. After you have a template source and, if needed, a push registry, you can establish a remote connection. Click Save.
  5. To access the Codewind connection settings page again, right-click a remote connection that you created and then click Remote Connection Settings.
    • Click Edit to edit information on the Codewind connection settings page.
    • Then, click Save to save your changes.