Codewind 0.12.0

Thursday 14, May 2020

✨ New Features and Highlights for 0.12.0 ✨

IntelliJ Tech Preview Updates We’re working to bring you a true Codewind experience with IntelliJ and are pleased to present:

Codewind Quick Guides

Introducing quick guides! Now that we have this framework in place, we hope to make it easier for you to get started. Check out our first two available guides today!

Need a quick guide to help you with a particular project? Let us know or help write one by contributing in GitHub.

Offline Support Sometimes you need to use internal-only resources or are restricted by factors outside your control. Codewind supports these types of development modes by providing offline support, and you won’t lose your work if you lose internet connection.

To read more about Codewind offline support, visit our documentation. You can also read our blog about working with private registries.


VS Code and Eclipse
VS Code

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