Codewind 0.7.0

Wednesday 18 December 2019

✨ Remote Deploy with Codewind: Tech Preview ✨

You can now develop your code locally and securely build and deploy your apps in the cloud! Why is this cool?

  • Free up local resources. 👏
  • It’s secure! 🔐 We use Keycloak to secure the connection between your local editor and remote cloud deployment.

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New Features and Highlights for 0.7.0

Monitoring Updates

  • You can now inject metrics into your Node.js, Spring, and WebSphere Liberty MicroProfile projects. You can enable or disable this feature with just a click.
  • Effortlessly visualize data like CPU usage, memory footprint, and web traffic on the included application monitoring dashboard at the click of a button. Codewind hosts the dashboard, so displaying the graphs won’t eat into your project’s resources.

OpenShift Do (odo)

  • You can now easily import existing projects into Codewind and use odo to build and deploy projects to your OpenShift or OKD cluster.
  • Codewind now supports Java templates, and Java projects can build and deploy after they have been configured.


  • You can now specify any Docker registry secret required by Codewind within the Codewind extension for the editor.

List of Fixes

  • Changes to the Eclipse plug-in for Spring server post-code generation stability for OpenAPI
    • The OpenAPI Wizard generator will not override the implicitly or explicitly defined main class in the Spring project.
    • The compilation errors related to unimplemented methods in the OpenAPI2SpringBoot class are fixed.
  • Appsody binary updated from 0.5.0 to 0.5.2 in the codewind-appsody-extension
  • Other security fixes