Restart and debug: Codewind for VS Code

Restart and debug commands are available in the Command Palette and by right-clicking a project in the Codewind view. You must restart a project in Debug mode before you can debug that project. For a walkthrough of the debug functionality, see the tutorial.


Stop and start your application server. Restart is supported for Microprofile, Spring, and Node.js projects. Start projects in either Run or Debug mode. The Run mode is the normal mode. This command is the equivalent to clicking the Restart button in the Codewind Overview page. The Attach debugger command automatically runs when projects restart in the Debug mode and reach the Starting - Debug state.

You can restart projects only if they are in the Running, Starting, Debugging, or Starting - Debug states.

Attach debugger

Run this command on projects that are starting or that have started in Debug mode and are in the Starting - Debug or Debugging states. This command creates a launch configuration in .vscode/launch.json in your workspace for debugging this project. You can edit this configuration. The tools automatically update the port when the server is restarted, but the tools do not modify the other options. Next, the launch configuration runs, and the VS Code debugger attaches to your application in its Docker container. You can hit breakpoints, see your variables, and use the Debug Console to evaluate expressions.

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