Codewind for Eclipse Che

You can use Codewind for Eclipse Che to develop your containerized projects from within Eclipse Che.

Use the Eclipse Che IDE to create and make modifications to your application, see the application and build status, view the logs, and run your application. Codewind for Eclipse Che supports development of OpenShift (Java, Node.js, Python, Perl), Go, Java Lagom, Microprofile/Java EE, Node.js, Python, Spring, and Swift containerized projects.

To install Codewind for Eclipse Che, see Installing Codewind for Eclipse Che.


  • Create new projects
  • Import existing projects
  • View application and build logs in the Eclipse Che Output view.
  • View project information.
  • Toggle project auto build and manually initiate project builds.
  • Disable, enable, and delete projects.