Making a code change with IntelliJ

Codewind automatically builds and redeploys your application whenever you make a code change and save the file. To see this feature in action, make a change to a file:

  1. From a project, open the file that you want to edit, for example, Project1>src>main>java>application>rest>v1>example.
  2. Edit your file.
  3. Save your changes. By default, IntelliJ automatically saves your changes. However, if you manually save your changes, you can help Codewind detect changes more quickly.
  4. Open the application again. Your changes appear.

Next Steps

Getting started with Codewind You have now completed all the steps to get started with Codewind. To learn more about how you can develop using Codewind, choose from the following:

The different configurations of Codewind To find out about the different ways of using Codewind - locally, remotely, or as an application hosted on the cloud - see Codewind Architecture.